Logo - Desilva - sieć hoteli w Polsce
Logo - Desilva - sieć hoteli w Polsce

Flavours are made here.

Flavours are made here. We will welcome the possibility of treating you to our delicious meals cooked according to the Mediterranean and Polish recipes.

Wine lovers will find an intriguing selection of European wines next to the varieties from the continents in the Western Hemisphere.

The restaurant in the Victor Pruszków DeSilva also promotes healthy and organic meals. Our menu has items to satisfy the tastes of all Guests.



Our cuisine

We will be pleased to host you in our restaurant’s warm interiors with seats for 80 diners.

On sunny days, we make available a summertime terrace for you to enjoy a meal in the fresh air.


We are glad to take you on a short journey exploring the flavours of the Polish and Mediterranean cuisines.


Their essential features include a wide range of fresh meat and fish, and the use of an excellent olive oil, garlic and aromatic herbs.
We hope that all Guests will find something for themselves.

DeSilva Natural Farm

To ensure our meals are of the highest possible standard, the DeSilva Hotel Restaurants have introduced meat supplied from our own eco-friendly cattle farm.


Our beef, pork and meat preserves like pâtés, sausages, pork fillets come with no artificial or chemical additives.Try it out and share our concept of Natural Meat!


NATURAL MEAT is the policy followed by DeSilva Natural Farm – an environmentally-friendly farm with Highland cattle breed. The Farm’s idea is to produce high quality beef and pork reared on natural pastures, rich in herbs and natural environment. This unique breed provides beef which is highly valued in cooking and has low cholesterol and external fat cover contents.

Irish pub

A green, stylishly decorated, Irish Pub counts as an added highlight of the hotel, where current sports events are there for viewing on large screens.


Beer lovers are served draught, wheat and bottled beers. In addition to the assorted soft and alcoholic drinks, some delightful snacks are available to order from the pub.


Opening hours 5 p.m. – 00.00 midnight

DeSilva Shop

An ideal solution for guests planning on arriving or leaving late at night, the 24/7 retail store is right at the reception area to sell essential goods, refreshing drinks, beer and light snacks which come in handy packaging.