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Logo - Desilva - sieć hoteli w Polsce

Pet-friendly accommodations

Being aware that a pet is a member of the family, and that pet owners want to rest together with their pets, we have created all the facilities for a comfortable stay for the owners of four-legged animals.

A dog or cat in a hotel is the norm for us, not the exception.

Rules of stay

In order to ensure a comfortable stay for all guests, please observe the following rules:

Pets must be under the supervision of the owner at all times.

Pets must have a current vaccination booklet.

Please clean up after your pets.


Upon request, we have:

  • a carrier for a small dog or cat,
  • bowls,
  • blankets,
  • treats,
  • poop bags.

The stay of a pet is subject to an additional fee of PLN 50 per day, excluding special actions.

Let us know about coming with your pet when you book – we’ll make sure you and your pet have the best stay possible!

Frequently Asked Questions


1. What is the fee for the stay of a pet?

The cost of staying a dog or cat is 50 zl / day / pet.


2. Can I enter the restaurant with my dog?

Yes – however, it is necessary to reserve a table before coming. We will indicate a special place prepared for this circumstance. If the dog is restless or hyperactive – it is necessary to muzzle it. It is not possible to stay in the restaurant if the dog tends to howl or bark loudly and/or systematically.


3. Do you accept all animals?

As far as dogs and cats are concerned – yes. If you plan to come with another pet – please inform us in advance.


4. Pet food

Taking into account specific diets, allergic factors or food sensitivities, we do not have an “alert food”. However, if during your stay you find that there is not enough food for your pet – please let us know the type of food and the amount. We will try to determine this.


5. Is there a dog run on the hotel grounds?

Unfortunately, no.


6. Can I put my dog on a bed?

Yes. We provide blankets especially for the occasion so you can put your pet close to you.


7. Do I have to register in advance to come to the hotel with my dog or cat?

Your desire to come with a pet should be announced at the time of booking so that we can properly prepare everything for your pet’s stay at our hotel. If such a plan arises after booking, please contact us in advance and let us know.


8. How many pets can stay with me in one room?

Guests planning to come with more than two pets are asked to contact the front desk.