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Logo - Desilva - sieć hoteli w Polsce

Hybrid in DeSilva

Online visit to online Microbrewery in Stara Zajezdnia Kraków by DeSilva.


We are putting in all safety precautions to not only ensure safety during your stay in our hotel and conference rooms, but also entertainment during your free time.


We are pleased to invite you to the DeSilva brewery guided tour with beer tasting.

On a Beer Route


Don’t miss out on the Microbrewery guided tour in Stara Zajezdnia Kraków DeSilva.


Without having to leave your home, office or training premises you will feel the incomparable microbrewery ambience and become part of it.


Prior to the arranged tour date, each of the visitors will be sent a package with contents needed for beer tasting (incl. four beer varieties of your choice). The bottled beer is delivered in special insulated boxes for long-lasting beverage freshness.

In Kraków's Kazimierz quarter


Without having to go out of your hotel, you will be guided to Kraków’s Kazimierz quarter to meet our Head Brewer, the most important person in the brewery.


We will show you a gorgeous building with over 100 years of its history and unsurpassed ambience. Staying connected, we will move on to see its interior and get to a so-called source. We will peep into every nook and cranny and explore each component of the apparatus inside.

Beer tasting


Once you have learnt absolutely everything the Brewmaster may reveal to you, we will commence beer tasting and opinion sharing.


During the tasting, the attendees will be given tasks to complete concerning bottles with labels on with beer names and varieties missing and showing only numbers instead, as well as blank sachets containing ingredients used for the making of this outstanding beverage.


When the tasting is finished, puzzles to solve will be displayed for every beer and the highest scoring contestants will win attractive prizes.



Special menu


We can prepare snacks to go with your beers, like nuts, pretzels, onion rings and more, and our Chef will be delighted to offer you our special menu [lunch or dinner] to suit the golden drink.

Brewery's secrets

It is up to you how much you will discover, how well you will penetrate the tricks of the brewing trade, and how much you will get from this magical place and people that contribute to it.

Do you want to know more?

Contact us:

tel. + 48 668 873 717
e-mail: sales.poznan@desilva.pl

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