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All the current operation procedures run in DeSilva Group facilities during the sanitary regime due to COVID-19 were drawn up in compliance with the regulations and guidance of the Ministry of Health / Chief Sanitary Inspection (GIS) / Ministry of Development. The procedures, their implementation and taking effect are monitored on a regular basis by the Management of DeSilva Hotels. The establishments are licensed to run their businesses in accordance with requirements set forth by GIS / SANEPID / HACCP.


Every day, we go to any lengths to ensure your well-being.

Reception safeguards

• Only 1 visitor is allowed to stand at the reception at a time


• We have marked places every 2 metres for people queueing to be served at the reception


• Receptionists are wearing disposable safety gloves and masks or visors when dealing with Visitors


• On-site check-in is preceded by sending visitors’ details in e-mails or providing them over the phone


• You are encouraged to make cash-free transactions, as we disinfect the electronic payment terminal after each individual use


• We disinfect the reception counter after each contact with a Visitor

Safe corridors and rooms

• The places with a free access are supplied with gel disinfectant feeder


• Public items in the hotels (door handles, lift push buttons, etc.) are regularly disinfected


• Following a Visitor’s departure, their room is excluded from use for 48 hours and painstakingly disinfected during the time

Safe conference areas

• All conference rooms are aired on a regular basis


• Hand disinfectants are supplied at the entrances


• Conference equipment such as a projector, laptop, switches, controllers and door handles are disinfected


• Conference chairs are arranged at a safe distance of 2 m one from another

Safe catering

• All meals are prepared and served sterile, while observing due diligence and hygienic requirements


• Guests are asked to keep two-metre distance one from another at the restaurant entrance


• The tables in restaurants are disinfected after each Guest


• The restaurant is newly-arranged for a limited number of diners at one time to keep the 2-metre distance required

Personal safety

• Before you enter the hotel, remember to disinfect your hands and put your mask on


• We encourage all our Guests and our staff to greet each other with a smile and not with a handshake


• Please keep a safe distance when in direct contact with others


• Please do not use hotel’s hand dryers and hairdryers in the rooms


• We encourage our Guests to adhere to the SAFE DESILVA HOTELS practices


• Preferably, talk to hotel’s reception via email or phone

Safe staff

• All our employees strictly follow the requirements to wear protective masks, disposable gloves and protective clothes during their work


• Each employee disinfects his/her working tools and ensures his/her hands are clean and in good state of hygiene


• We provided staff training on maintaining special safety precautions and all hotel employees


• We measure the temperature of each employee before they can enter the hotel


• If subfebrile temperature and symptoms of illness are found, the employee is sent home immediately

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