Conferences in Hotel Wilanów Warszawa by DeSilva

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Conference offer

We prepared 9 conference rooms with daylight, which can accommodate up to 215 participants of conferences, trainings, seminars and recruitment meetings in total. The rooms are equipped with professional equipment for multimedia presentations (overhead projectors, LCD projectors, televisions, computers, screens, flipcharts) and fast, wireless Internet. We offer you a complex technical and gastronomical service during the meetings (coffee breaks, lunches, suppers). 
Conference rooms can be furnished according to your requests.

Conference package

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GREEN Time in DeSilva

Green conferences
All day conferences may be made more pleasant with "green" and healthy coffee breaks. Light snacks of fresh fruit and vegetables is an answer to the needs of increasing number of people caring for their health. What is more important, such breaks positively affect productivity and concentrations during long meetings. Green Conferences include, apart from coffee breaks, possibility of our Chef preparing a special "green" light lunch buffet based on fish, poultry, grilled vegetables and salads.

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