The closest hotel to the airport in Pyrzowice

DeSIlva INN Parking Services

For all departing from the Airport Katowice - Pyrzowice we offer the cheapest, monitored and comfortable parking around the port. We provide you transport to the airport with own shuttle bus.

For guests Desilva Inn Parking is free throughout their stay at the hotel. 

Shuttle Bus DeSilva

From the airport to the hotel, it is easiest to travel with Shuttle Bus DeSilva, which is available 24/7. All you have to do, is to call us after claiming your luggage under this phone number: +48 32 393 88 88.

For people who do not use our parking Shuttle Bus DeSilva to / from the airport one way costs 20PLN.

Early breakfasts

For guests who stay at our hotel and have to catch an early flight, we offer takeout breakfasts. They may also have free of charge fresh coffee, tea and biscuits at our reception area.

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