Logo - Desilva - sieć hoteli w Polsce
Logo - Desilva - sieć hoteli w Polsce

About us


De Silva Hotels is a company which was set up in 2006. The establishment came about as a natural consequence of growth in services in all countries that had just joined the European Union, including developing hotel industry and increase in leisure and business trips to Poland and other countries in Eastern Europe. It took nearly two first years of the Company’s operation to develop an innovative hotel product which was to mirror best foreign hospitality practices, as well as suit the distinctive conditions of the domestic hotel market. The concept of a friendly hotel for business clients and tourists alike offered a starting point for our development.


We are investing in a chain of hotels attracting business and leisure visitors in three categories/brands: the 3-Star Plus under our chain’s flagship DeSilva brand, the 2-Star Plus under our DeSilva Inn brand, and the 4-Star Plus under our DeSilva Premium brand, with a unique and clearly defined facility and technical programmes. Apart from the above-mentioned brands, we can offer the “by DeSilva” brand to existing hotels operated currently, depending on their technical and facility conditions. The facility and technical programmes are flexible to also allow the hotels that cannot meet DeSilva’s standards to run within our chain.


Building on the 10 years of expanding our know-how as a hotel operator, we have faced the expectations of the market and now also offer management services for separate establishments which operate under their own brand names, or for chain businesses which operate on a franchise contract basis within international hotel chains.

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