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These were the opinions of our guests that affected the functionality of hotels and their equipment going beyond the standard.


We ensure exceptional quality at affordable prices. We guarantee cosy and spacious interiors, a wide range and easy availability of services regardless of the category of the facility. Our chain provides a comfortable accommodation not only for business guests, conference and business meeting participants, but also for families with children.


In the package you get more and pay less. If you book accommodation or conference package in advance, you can count on an attractive offer.


In the package you get more and pay less. If you book accommodation or conference package in advance, you can count on an attractive offer


Where there is a will there is a way – we have a will! We strive to cater for your every matter.


  • Four own hotel brands: DeSilva Premium, DeSilva, De Silva Inn, and by Desilva and two international brands: Mercure and Ibis
  • 3 and 4 star hotels with 50 up to 150 rooms
  • Conference rooms with full multimedia facilities
  • Business equipment of rooms and conference rooms

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Stara Zajezdnia Kraków by DeSilva is a place that combines history with modernity. The facility has a beer hall with a mini-bar, restaurant and courtyard. This allows the organization of large events for up to 1000 guests (gala receptions, cocktail parties, conferences, and concerts) and more intimate ones, such as business meetings, or occasional parties.

The facility is equipped with high-quality AV equipment, screens (there is one of ​​18m2) and LED monitors allowing the transmission of sports events.

Everyday Stara Zajezdnia with the a'la carte restaurant is available for individual guests.

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DeSilva hotels were established in 2006 when a team of experienced hoteliers and designers began to develop an innovative hotel product based on the best international designs and adapted to the reality of the Polish hotel market. The starting point was the idea of creating ​​a friendly hotel both for business customers and tourists. With the opening of the first Desilva hotel, the company has been developed on the basis of its own four brands (Desilva Premium, Desilva, Desilva INN, by Desilva,) and, falling within the development strategy and business synergy of the chain, the brands Accor - Mercure and Ibis.


To meet the growing standards and expectations for hotel facilities on the Polish market we offer consulting and management services for individual objects operating under their own name or chain facilities operating on the basis of franchise agreements within the international hotel chains.

As a result, the development of the DeSilva Chain is based on three pillars:

1) operator contracts for hotel management,
2) hotel leasing contracts,
3) construction of hotels based on own real estate.

In all cases hotels operate in accordance with the functional, technical and operational standards of the DeSilva chain or international brand. Investors who begin to cooperate with our Company gain access to the know-how of functional, operational and technical aspects of the hotel companies: unified functional program adapted to particular location, audit and approval of architectural projects, interior design, installations at various stages of investment, supervising the implementation of investments, the optimal operational structure, preparation of financial plans, marketing and investment. The Company has the DeSilva Manual, which includes all standards necessary for the creation, construction and management of a hotel: operational, technical, marketing and sales, organizational, personnel, financial and accounting, or implements equivalent standards in accordance with the requirements of international brands. The Company has standard models of management contracts, leasing and technical assistance as well as franchise agreements for selected international hotel chains.

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The program aims to prepare an employee to serve hotel guests in accordance with the DeSilva standards and to support the most committed, ambitious and dependable employees in professional development leading to promotion.

DeSilva Academy's training program is built on the basis of long-term observation and experience of company executives who promote multi-functionality and builds employee’s loyalty, giving him or her tremendous opportunities for growth and promotion within a single DeSilva hotel chain. The program is designed to prepare a regular employee to perform managerial functions, simultaneously assessing the personal predispositions and intellectual capacities of the candidates.

The index which is given to each new employee has a list of training courses that must be completed within 15 months. The first 3 months of the probationary period is to know the facility and learn how to work in the back room (Cleaning Department, kitchen and support works in the gastronomy department). The next months is learning how to work at the hotel reception and in the dining areas under the guidance of experienced Managers and Facility Directors. Gaining knowledge at each stage of career provides new skills allowing to overcome the next levels of the management structure of the hotel and/or the Company’s Head Office. The DeSilva Academy program gives employees a sense of belonging to the company, the opportunities for personal growth, and indicates the path to professional success.

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Contact to Hotels

Hotel DeSilva Premium Opole tel. +48 77 540 70 00
Hotel DeSilva Premium Poznań tel. + 48 61 658 80 00
Hotel DeSilva Warszawa Piaseczno tel. +48 22 703 70 00
Hotel DeSilva Inn Katowice Airport tel. +48 32 393 88 88
Hotel Victor Pruszków by DeSilva tel. +48 22 430 39 00
Mocarna Grań Kościelisko by DeSilva tel. + 48 668 448 441
Hotel Wilanów Warszawa by DeSilva tel. +48 22 550 62 00
Apartamenty Zgoda Warszawa by DeSilva tel. +48 22 553 62 00
Hotel Mercure Częstochowa Centrum tel. +48 34 360 31 00
Hotel Mercure Opole tel. +48 77 451 81 00
Hotel Mercure Karpacz Skalny tel. +48 75 75 270 00
Hotel Mercure Jelenia Góra 
tel. +48 75 75 491 48 
Hotel Mercure Cieszyn
tel. +48 33 851 69 00
Hotel Ibis Czestochowa tel. +48 34 377 45 00
Hotel Ibis Katowice Zabrze tel. +48 32 777 70 00
Hotel Ibis Styles Bielsko-Biała tel. +48 33 819 91 99


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